The International Network on
Innovative Apprenticeship

About us

The aim of the network

The INAP network was founded in March 2006 as an outcome of an international research project under the direction of Prof. Felix Rauner, University of Bremen, Germany, and Prof. Erica Smith,  University of Ballerat, Autralia, on innovative forms of apprenticeships.

This international network of apprenticeship researchers aims to improve apprenticeship systems and practices through research into, and dissemination of, instances of good practice. Through the activities of the network, governments, employers and training providers will have access to current research findings that will persuade stakeholders of the benefits of apprenticeship, and improve practice in both off the job and on the job training.

INAP researchers come together and meet at international research conferences on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) every two years. If you wish to receive news on our forthcoming event, please send an e-mail to inap2019 (at)